Inventing Mobility Interiors

About Seisenbacher
The experience, technical expertise, long-term perspective and inventive spirit of our team have turned a small family business in Ybbsitz into a hidden champion of future-oriented mobility and a strong development partner for industry and railway operators. Inventing Mobility Interiors is more than a slogan – it’s our mission statement. In cooperation with our partners and customers, we develop and realize the interior solutions that truly move people forward, with the latest technology and utmost precision.
Our Story
Innovation and a look beyond the present into the future have shaped Seisenbacher not just since today, but since the beginning - more than 80 years ago.

1934: Metal specialists from the start

Hans Seisenbacher founds a metalworking shop in Ybbsitz. In the first years, production focuses primarily on stone crushers.

1987: The first subsidiary

CNC production is expanded with a devoted subsidiary in Ybbsitz. The era of machine-building also begins.

2001: New finishing facility

In Waidhofen an der Ybbs, a new production facility for mechanical assembly and finishing is opened.

2010: The first Rail Interiors

By establishing the sector Interieur, the company lays the foundation for future successes in the area of railway mobility.

2012/13: A New Headquarters

On the site of the Ybbsitz location which has been outgrown, a new 20,000 m2 building is erected to house both production and management.

2020: On New Paths

The Managing Director for many years, Werner Pumhösel, takes over the Interieur sector from the previous family owners. Under the same well-known name, Seisenbacher now focuses exclusively on innovative new Mobility Interiors.
Our Partners
In order to be a strong partner for manufacturers and operators, we also trust in the know-how and the capabilities of a strong regional and international network.

Industrial Network

Product Development Network

Our Certifications
As a longstanding partner of the rail industry, we take special care to ensure that our production facilities and our products fulfill the latest requirements.
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