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Why an excellent passenger experience should be at the core of mobility interiors and how we realize this vision through tomorrow's trends

Working here, living there. Visits to distant relatives, spontaneous weekend getaways to other cities, lakesides, or even other countries for business meetings. Our mobility is steadily increasing, and during our journeys from A to B, we have diverse needs.

In the world of train travel, there's a term for what you experience when you're on a train: Passenger Experience. This encompasses everything from seat comfort to lighting to the subjective perception of the interior. To encourage people to use public transportation, the experience must be right. However, the passenger experience on trains often remains the same as it was 15 years ago, and the image of rail vehicles appears outdated.

The question of why this is the case is complex. But there's no doubt that it needs to change. It requires proactive developments and intelligent solutions that align with people's needs. Those who only start development when there's already demand will struggle to be truly innovative.

That's why the Seisenbacher team continually monitors trends in the industry and society. Together with our partners, we identify the foundations and priorities of our developments. The desire for more connectivity and safety will continue to accompany us in the future.

Based on this, we develop solutions that meet individual requirements. The needs of different travelers are at the center, whether it's a father with a child going to visit grandparents or a businesswoman on her way to a meeting.

By focusing on passengers' needs, it also becomes easier to consider the requirements of manufacturers and operators. Of course, they have their own demands regarding the interiors, whether it's about integration, maintenance, or costs.

Nevertheless, everyone benefits from satisfied passengers who can make meaningful use of their travel time. A good passenger experience increases occupancy rates and ensures full order books. In the end, everyone benefits – manufacturers, operators, and above all, the passengers.

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