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The transformation into an innovative provider of complete solutions for the rail vehicle industry

Viennese investment company Aeiphoria Capital plans to develop the medium-sized enterprise based in Lower Austria into an innovative complete solutions supplier for the rail industry. New owners see major opportunities for growth in the rail sector.

“Here to stay”

Based in Vienna, the Aeiphoria Capital group of investors comprises founders Thomas Maidorfer, Felix Porsche and Martin Wodak. The private equity firm was founded in 2021, specialising in the mobility industry and in life sciences, and has already invested around €150 million in a number of equityinvestments, real estate and strategy projects. With their entrepreneurial experience, particularly in the areas of performance improvement and company transformation, the new owners are looking to work with the management of Seisenbacher to create an innovative, sustainable rail technology company. “We are here to stay. We plan to grow the product portfolio at the site in Lower Austria to provide innovative complete solutions,” said Maidorfer. The team at Aeiphoria sees the investment as the cornerstone of a long-term business partnership.

“En route to smarter hardware in trains”

Seisenbacher GmbH, based in Ybbsitz near Waidhofen, is already developing innovative products for the future of railway transportation. Among these innovations is a globally unique system for passenger safety integrated into train interiors - a table system called CATS (Crash Absorbing Table System). In the event of a collision, the table system is designed to absorb the impact energy and minimize the risk of injury to passengers. In the future, the company's experts will focus even more on interior solutions for trains. On the path to introducing intelligent train equipment, Seisenbacher builds on its established leadership in quality with its customers. In close collaboration with manufacturers, comprehensive solutions for wagon interiors are being developed. The company, with over 80 years of history, will invest significantly in research and development in light of this innovation initiative. In addition to its core business in interiors, the company aims to further expand in the direction of passive safety and sustainability.

“As the battle against climate change intensifies and rail travel enjoys a renaissance, we see huge opportunities to grow our business.”

The new owners and management see significant business opportunities for Seisenbacher. The importance of rail transport for sustainable mobility is growing in Europe and North America. The EU has initiated a shift towards sustainability in mobility with the Green Deal.

The governments of Austria and Germany are actively promoting the expansion, modernization, and attractiveness of railways. To establish rail as the preferred mode of transportation for customers, it is crucial to align the interior of trains with the needs, comfort, and safety of passengers. Seisenbacher's high-quality and sustainable interior solutions contribute to fulfilling this requirement.

Considering the increasing significance of railways as an environmentally friendly option in the fight against climate change, new investors see substantial growth potential for the company.

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