On track to the future

Developing Interior Innovations
As an innovation partner in the railway industry, we accompany innovations in the field of Mobility Interior and assist our customers throughout the entire journey – from the initial idea to the finished product and beyond.

Step 1: From the Idea to the Concept

Whether a customer approaches us with an idea or our R&D team develops an innovation internally, we transform the best ideas into thoughtful interior concepts that benefit all stakeholders through our experience, ingenuity, and collaboration with our partners.

Step 2: Engineering to Prototype

To turn a concept into a tangible innovation, our engineers employ computer-aided methods to translate the concept into real-world applications. They develop individual components, and in close collaboration with our customers, they ultimately build a prototype for the new Mobility Interior.

Step 3: Testing and Improvement to get Market-Ready

Throughout the entire development process, we conduct continuous quality controls and material tests, simulating these processes on computers. Subsequently, the prototype undergoes comprehensive laboratory testing and certification examinations. We continue to make improvements until the result is indeed an innovation that significantly enhances mobility.

Step 4: High-Tech Production

In recent years, Seisenbacher has specialized in the assembly and integration of components for the railway industry. Thanks to the modular design of Seisenbacher components, all innovations can be efficiently, cost-effectively, and easily scaled.

Step 5: Supply Chain Management

We not only take care of what happens within our own premises but also provide support to our customers in terms of supply chain management, cost control, and various logistical challenges.

Step 6: Long-Term Support

We assist our customers and partners in ensuring that interior innovations actually reach passengers and provide added value. Whether it's optimizing their own processes, making solutions more adaptable, or introducing new additions, we are there to support.