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About us

Company Philosophy

At Seisenbacher, we continuously strive for excellence, innovation, and responsibility. We challenge the status quo, foster creative team environments, and embrace exceptional ideas.

Our core values are responsibility and sustainability. We shape the future of rail mobility through appealing and environmentally friendly interior design, aiming to enhance comfort for all while promoting a sustainable future.


High Performance & Passion

At Seisenbacher, we constantly challenge the status quo of existing solutions. The challenges of our customers are our fuel for excellence! We aim to continuously improve ourselves as a team and our products.


Competence & Innovation

We strive for leadership in our industry. We seek new, better ways and embrace extraordinary ideas. At Seisenbacher, we foster a creative environment where collaboration thrives. Fresh insights and approaches from each team member are always welcome!



At Seisenbacher, taking 'response' means taking responsibility. We operate economically to place ecological sustainability at the center of our actions.


Equality and Partnership

Together, we are changing the way the world moves! At Seisenbacher, we embrace fun and dedication as inseparable twins, treating our partners and each other as equals. Fairness and openness are always our standards!

Our Vision
(Mission Statement)

All our passion is directed towards comfortable, environmentally friendly rail mobility. We develop and produce solutions that enable a sustainable future for the fundamental human need for mobility.
Relying on our ability to continually design better solutions, use eco-friendly materials, and identify and enhance weaknesses in existing solutions, our products are attractive, modern, and environmentally friendly.

Who We Are

At Seisenbacher, we are specialists in rail mobility, committed to making train travel more attractive than ever through modern, smart, and appealing interior design. We aim to inspire people worldwide for sustainable mobility!

What We Do

Our design solutions enhance mobility comfort for everyone. We passionately address train safety, travel comfort, and all mobility needs - today and in the future! We place special emphasis on sustainable interior design, designed for generations!

Why It Matters

Everyone wants to live mobile and flexible lives. To enable this, we combine unique ideas and decades of experience with modern technologies and materials. With passion, we work towards a future where every person enjoys comfortable rail mobility.


Leidenschaftliche und hochqualifizierte Entwicklungsabteilung

Unsere Experten arbeiten eng mit unseren Kunden zusammen, um deren Visionen und Anforderungen in maßgeschneiderte Lösungen zu verwandeln, die höchsten Qualitätsstandards gerecht werden. Von der ersten Idee bis zur finalen Umsetzung setzen wir modernste Software und Tools ein, um innovative und effiziente Konzepte zu entwickeln.

About us

Company History

Seisenbacher has been characterized by high-quality products and a future-oriented perspective for over 80 years.

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Außergewöhnliche Innenausstattungen, von aussergewöhnlichen Menschen

Werden Sie Teil des Teams
Werden Sie Teil des Teams
“Reliability, expertise, good collaboration, structured approach.”
“Expertise and engineering know-how."
"Flexibility and good design solutions, straightforward handling of design issues."
"Good responsiveness, friendliness."
"Good product quality, extensive experience in sheet metal implementation, quick and simple communication."
"Quality and performance are balanced; competitive and market-appropriate pricing, high quality."
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