Seisenbacher is rethinking the interplay between mobility and interior design. We don't just create designs, we find and invent solutions that help our customers in the rail industry and move forward in the rail industry and beyond. Our interiors accommodate passengers’ personal needs, making travel time to the time of their lives. That is why we have taken it upon ourselves to do more than fulfill requirements in every detail, but to set new standards and assist our customers in shaping the evolution of mobility: making rail travel safer, more connected and sustainable.
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Our extensive experience and comprehensive technical expertise in the field of rail transportation form the solid foundation of our work. In parallel, we passionately and enthusiastically develop innovative solutions and our vision for the interiors of the future, which not only serve transportation but also create living and working spaces for people. Our intelligently designed solutions are tailored to meet individual challenges and contribute to unlocking the full potential of rail transportation for both passengers and rail operators.
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Shaping Mobility: Now and in the Future
The advancements shaping the future of mobility don't happen on their own. They are the result of the most exceptional talents and experts in their respective fields: from engineers to project managers, from logistics experts to professionals in metallurgy. As a team, we collaborate to shape mobile living spaces that revolutionize the way we travel.
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