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Crash Absorbing Table System CATS

Rail travel should be comfortable - a time of their lives that all travelers can use well. However, it should also continue to add greater safety. That’s why Seisenbacher developed the novel CATS: a completely modular system with a table constructed with a cantilever solution, which absorbs crash energy in an emergency, thereby significantly lowering the risk of passenger injury.
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The centerpiece of the completely new Crash Absorbing Table System, developed by the Seisenbacher R&D team, is the table, which features a cantilever construction as a standard feature. A crash element developed for this specific application is integrated under the table surface in an aluminum frame to absorb and diffuse impact energy through friction and shock absorption.

  • CATS is completely modular and enables the individual adaptation of passenger areas.

  • The lightweight table surface is not part of the crash system and can be adapted to customer preferences.

  • CATS is in accordance with all applicable norms for passenger safety, in particular the US American APTA guideline. 

  • The cantilever construction with adaptable wall console creates more free space for passengers and operators.

Comprehensive simulations and lab tests prove that the effectiveness of our patented CATS is independent of the direction of travel or seat orientation, and that the risk of injury is significantly lower in all possible seating configurations. At the same time, the modular system offers a great deal of freedom for customization of the seating area, enabling increased consideration of passenger needs and customer requests.

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