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Crash Absorbing Table System CATS

CATS: Redefining Railway Safety and Comfort

Train travel should not only be comfortable but also safe. That's why Seisenbacher has developed the innovative CATS system: a fully modular concept featuring a special cantilever table that absorbs crash energy in case of an emergency, significantly reducing the risk of injury to passengers.

At the core of this revolutionary system, designed by Seisenbacher's R&D team, is the cantilever table, which is the standard configuration. Underneath the tabletop, a proprietary crash element is integrated into an aluminum frame structure, dissipating impact energy through friction and damping. With CATS, railway safety and comfort are redefined:

- CATS is a fully modular system, allowing for the individual customization of passenger areas.

- The tabletop is designed in lightweight construction and is not part of the crash system. It can be customized according to customer preferences.

- CATS complies with all relevant passenger safety standards, including the U.S. APTA guidelines.

- The cantilever design with an adjustable wall console creates more space for passengers and operators.

Comprehensive simulations and laboratory tests have unequivocally confirmed that the patented in-house development, CATS, provides safety benefits independent of travel direction and seating configurations. Simultaneously, the modular system offers flexibility in designing the seating area to better accommodate passengers' individual needs and customer preferences.

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