Moving people forward
We at Seisenbacher are rethinking the interplay between mobility and interior design. We not only create designs, but find and invent solutions that help our customers in the rail industry and beyond move forward. Our interiors accommodate passengers’ personal needs, making travel time to the time of their lives. That is why we have taken it upon ourselves to do more than fulfill requirements in every detail, but to set new standards and assist our customers in shaping the evolution of mobility: making travel - not only by rail - safer, more connected and sustainable.
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On track to the future
Everything we do is built on the years of experience combined with the utmost technological expertise in the rail sector. From this foundation, we draw our innovative drive and our vision for interiors of the future - not only to serve the purpose of transportation, but also to offer people-friendly living and working spaces. This concept gives rise to smart applications that meet specific challenges - and unleash the full potential of the experience and utility of rail travel for the benefit of passengers and railway operators alike.
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Inside the details
For innovation in every detail, we think outside of the box, incorporating the latest technologies, the smartest possibilities and global trends.
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Be a mobility inventor
Inventions to shape the mobility of tomorrow don’t just happen. They are the product of the best talent and professionals in their respective areas: from the engineer to project manager, logistics professional to metal technician. Together, we develop mobile living spaces that change the face of travel.
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